“My daughter and my niece have not stopped talking about this event! It allowed them to see girls empowered and gave them a chance to use technology that seems to be geared primarily for boys. I love hearing the excitement in their voice when discussing the event!”
“This was a fantastic introduction to many of the coding and STEM related items out there. She was excited to be able to talk to her dad about parts on his machines at work that she played with in a smaller form. There have been many times since when she has talked about the glass ceiling and how she was going to shatter it.”
“My absolute favorite part was that the girls had to work together. We all know that being able to work with others (talk, listen, problem solve, improve, etc,) is so important today. I also feel that the fact that is was just for girls, made the girls feel important and boosted their self-esteem. I truly feel that if this continues each year, this could have a big impact on our community!”