Shattered Glass Summit

3 day Event

The Summit

The Shattered Glass Summit is a 3 day event geared towards 3rd-5th grade girls






The first component of the mission of Shattered Glass, Inc. is to provide opportunities for girls to explore STEM fields.  The Summit is designed to do exactly that through a series of hands-on activities and sessions meant to engage students and teach them exactly how much fun STEM can be!


All Shattered Glass students attend hands-on breakout sessions.  These breakout sessions utilize a variety of technology (Spheros, Raspberry Pi, Mini Parrot Drones, Arduino, Little Bits, Bloxels, etc) where the students work to complete challenges and tasks.  Breakout sessions range from 40-50 minutes.


All Shattered Glass student groups participate in whole group activities.  At the 2017 summit event, students participated in Sphero relay races and programmed Mini Parrot Drones to navigate an obstacle course. Whole group activities take place during large group time twice a day during the summit.



The second component of the mission of Shattered Glass, Inc. is to develop the next generation of leaders and innovators.  The Summit is designed to provide girls with a safe environment to not only explore but to create, play and develop. 


Research clearly indicates the importance of play in a child’s education.  During all Shattered Glass whole group time, students have access to a wide variety of technology at their fingertips with which to play, create and develop. 


A popular trend in education today is the idea of “gamifying” instructional content. At the Shattered Glass Summit, students were given a game play card with open spaces. At each breakout session, they had the opportunity to earn a micro-credential representing the skill set they had just learned.



The third and final component of the mission of Shattered Glass, Inc. is to empower young girls to grow into strong, passionate, courageous and brilliant women. Shattered Glass, Inc. understands that in order for little girls with dreams to become women with vision, we must invest in them and encourage them at every opportunity. The Shattered Glass Summit is one of those opportunities help girls become bold and courageous and provide them with mentors and SHEroes to help them and inspire them to reach their potential.


The founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, Reshma Saujani, says “You cannot BE what you cannot SEE.” This quote resonated so deeply with the board of Shattered Glass, Inc., they knew immediately they must strategically incorporate SHEroes from which the summit attendees could learn and be inspired. At the 2017 summit, the Shattered Glass SHEroes were Sheryl Sandberg, Ruzena Bajcsy, Helen Grenier, Bernadette Carter and Katherine Johnson. Students were grouped by ages into teams inspired by each of these SHEroes.


Becoming successful women in the technology industry requires much more than a knowledge and understanding of STEM.  They must be able to work together with teams, share their ideas, troubleshoot problems and develop and iterate their innovations. Attendees at the Shattered Glass Summit have the opportunity to practice these exact skills. At the 2017 summit, attendees worked with their team on a “history of computer science” Breakout EDU game.


Many people have asked Shattered Glass, Inc. the “why” question.  Why girls? Why K-5th?  Why this type of event?  Just like any good scientist, we ground our decisions in research.  Here are just a few of the answers to the inevitable “why” question.  We hope this helps.

According to The National Center for Women & Information Technology ( women hold 57% of both professional occupations in the workforce and bachelor degrees in the United States.  However, women represent only 26% of positions in computing-related jobs.  Even more staggering, is that in computing-related occupations only 5% are Asian women, 3% are African American Women and 2% are Latina women.


Shouldn’t the CREATORS of technology be as diverse as it’s CONSUMERS?


The United States Department of Labor estimates that by the year 2024 there will be 1.4 million new jobs in computing-related fields.  However, at the current rates, only 30% of those jobs can be filled with US bachelor degree holders.  Girls represent a vast, mostly untapped talent pool.


Shouldn’t we be preparing our girls for wide-open, well-paying career opportunities?



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In an article by Huffington Post, Dr. Monica Burdick, Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Ohio University shares that “young women are not lost yet. They need to find STEM in the first place.”  We couldn’t agree with her more. Through programs like Girls Who Code, Project Lead the Way, the REC Foundation and so many more, girls and boys alike have lots of opportunities to further their passion in STEM.  


But how can they further their interest if there was never a foundation to start with? This is why Shattered Glass wants to share a love of STEM at an early age. We strive to serve as the catalyst for young girls to begin building a confidence and love for STEM.


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“My daughter and my niece have not stopped talking about this event! It allowed them to see girls empowered and gave them a chance to use technology that seems to be geared primarily for boys. I love hearing the excitement in their voice when discussing the event!”
“This was a fantastic introduction to many of the coding and STEM related items out there. She was excited to be able to talk to her dad about parts on his machines at work that she played with in a smaller form. There have been many times since when she has talked about the glass ceiling and how she was going to shatter it.”
“My absolute favorite part was that the girls had to work together. We all know that being able to work with others (talk, listen, problem solve, improve, etc,) is so important today. I also feel that the fact that is was just for girls, made the girls feel important and boosted their self-esteem. I truly feel that if this continues each year, this could have a big impact on our community!”

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